Presale Of The New NFT Game On Cardano Network Just Finished


To raise more funding, the game developer created a CNFT collection with 10,000 unique characters in 10 different classes, 7 races, and combinations of weapons and armor. DND is a fantasy tavern simulator with play-to-earn mechanics. IMHO Reviews participated in the presale on one of the first of Cardano’s NFT projects called Drunken Dragon.

Drunken Dragon is still in the second stage (out of 4) of its development. According to the roadmap, it will be playable in Q3 of 2021 and completed in Q4 of 2022.

Grandmaster adventurers From Drunken Dragon Game

The creator of the game, Vledic Franco, explained how these characters will be important to the game: “They will work the same in the game, the difference is that Tiles Adventurers can die (you will get something back but they won’t be able to go to quests any more), and Grandmaster adventurers will be immortal with recovery times.” He also confirmed that the project will be getting a senior game developer and pixel artist within the next month.

After drawing multiple characters, it turned out that none of the characters had perfect stats (4 armor/6 weapon ratio). So the question that some members of the community asked is whether it will be possible to improve the stats and to change the NFT itself.

“Yes, the Smart Contract will take your NFT, burn it, and give you a new mint back with different stats but same art and different policy ID,” said Mr. Franco. He also mentioned that when Cardano will implement Smart Contracts in September 2021, it will give the game even more unique features.

“One of the important features is that when the game launches we want to give the feeling of true adventure with the quests. This means that hard quests will give good spoils and loot but will risk your adventurers to die – the Pixel Tile FT will actually be burned by the Smart Contract, and in return, a Pixel Tile Tombstone will be created. The Pixel Tile Tombstone will feature the same art, but in-game you will only be able to place it in your tavern as a ghost, and you won’t be able to send it to quests anymore.”

The presale went smoothly. Within the first 3 days, 45% of 10,000 assets were minted. Within the next few days, another 30% were sold and 15% – or 1500 assets – left to be minted. The discord group has seen substantial growth and reached almost 1000 members.

“I noticed a very welcoming vibe in the discord group, new members were welcomed and all of the questions were answered by the community members or the creator of the game himself,” said Vitaliy, the owner of IMHO Reviews.

Because of the high demand during the presale, some of the NFT’s weren’t delivered within 5 minutes to users’ wallets, but the support took care of those orders in a special “Help” topic and delivered them within 10 minutes. The community members were happy with the way those issues were taken care of, and that everyone received their NFT’s in no time.

“I think the launch overall has been incredibly successful. I’ve seen more people join the discord for this project in the last week than in the last two months. When I first joined, the server was much slower paced, it’s nice to see almost constant activity in there now. I’ve stayed involved in this project because I love the type of game that’s being built and I’ve been able to see the amount of effort that’s gone into both the game itself and also building the community around it,” reported Morgana Talos, member of the discord community.

“Community is an important part of the game and it seems like developers are going to listen to the players and create a game based on people’s wishes but with a unique vision of the creator,” said Vitaliy. The active discord community has many game mechanics ideas, requests, and suggestions. It is a place where like-minded people can discuss their experience with the game.

Grandmaster Adventurers 10th spot in trading volume on CNFT

Drunken Dragon is a play-to-earn game, and because of the recent business boom of NFT’s, it is believed to have the potential to not only become another great game but also help some players earn money playing it. “My objective and vision is to make something fun first and foremost, every blockchain integration will be chosen solely for that reason, if people end up making money as a side consequence then that is fine, but I rather have 10,000 players extremely happy, in a thriving community having fun and living a good life, than 1 million slaves to the whales of the game,” commented Vledic.

After a successful NFT lunch, The Project Grandmaster Adventurers went to the 10th spot in trading volume on Cardano’s Non-Fungible Tokens marketplace.

Visit the discord group to join the Drunken Dragon community and to ask questions about the NFT game.


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