Bitcoin for Shows? This American Rapper Wants to be Paid in BTC


Would you like to attend some of the most renowned artists’ music shows with the opportunity to pay in Bitcoin (BTC)? Well this may soon be possible as American rapper, actor and record producer, Trevor George Smith Jr, known professionally as Busta Rhymes has revealed he would like to start receiving Bitcoin payments for his shows and business transactions.

The artist took to his Twitter handle to make the announcement which also doubles as a question to the Bitcoin and crypto community about the possibility of the venture. Bitcoin has come a long way from being used just as a mono-utility token back in 2009, to an $850 billion worth of asset that now finds usage across a growing number of ecommerce platforms.

The broad crypto community responded swiftly to Busta Rhymes, with diverse propositions that can make the plans pull through.

Bitcoin’s Multi-Faceted Approach to Attain Mainstream Adoption

The technological capabilities of Bitcoin has been profiled over and again. The digital currency works with its own blockchain, and helps facilitate the transfer of value from one party to the other without the need for a third party. Bitcoin’s revolutionary approach to disrupt the existing financial industry has notably spurred a number of new blockchain-backed innovation like Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

In the wake of the reality in Bitcoin’s potentials, we have started seeing a more integrated adoption rate than before, with many institutional investors including electric auto manufacturer Tesla Inc, payment firm Square Inc, and business intelligence and software firm, MicroStrategy Incorporated buying up BTC to shore up their balance sheets.

While these trends are largely being complemented by a number of retail individuals stacking up on the digital currency, there are calls for more mainstream businesses to back the coin’s growth through creating access for its acceptance in transactions. The move by Busta Rhymes, if it pulls through will further aid these ultimate ambition and journey of BTC onto mainstream adoption.

Other major artists that has been embracing Blockchain, Bitcoin, and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) include Paris Hilton, 50 Cents and Snoop Doggy amongst others.



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