Dogecoin graces the trending list on Twitter yet again with a flurry of memes.



Twitter has undergone such evolution on the meme front that these days, memes and Dogecoin almost have the same ring to it. After all, it is not very surprising given the fact that Dogecoin enthusiasts treat Twitter as their platform for catharsis. And catharsis they need quite badly. For, we are talking about a cryptocurrency that juggles hearts. Although that sentence has a romantic ring to it, the reality is far from romantic. Because, every time the graph falls, which is literally every time, those holding onto hope and DOGE, both enter a frenzied panic that almost takes them to the gates of insanity. And today, with the graph taking a downwards dive, there is equal parts excitement and equal parts panic. While some are quite concerned, others are convinced that it is only a warm-up before shooting for the stars or should I say, the moon? After all, it is only normal to slow down before gathering speed. Whether slow or fast, memes are at full speed now.

Responses on Twitter

Twitter has almost turned into a mirror that reflects every nuanced mood swing of the Dogecoin enthusiasts. After all, these humans are tieing their expectations to a cryptocurrency that is on a rollercoaster ride, particularly with an affinity for the down dive. And today, quite naturally, Twitter is clustered with reactions and responses that reflect a spectrum of emotions ranging from good old humor and sarcasm to panic, hope, and expectation. Let us take a look.

It cannot be denied completely.

There it goes again. The never-ending saga of ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.


Does the king really need so much time to stand? Just asking.

Calm is a very hard emotion to master when we are talking about Dogecoin.

Already time for the victory dance?

Looks like it is.

No, that is not creepy at all.

Here is a visualization of the default emotion.

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