Grayscale Tops Up Ethereum Investment To $10 Billion


Ethereum makes up a large part of crypto-asset manager Grayscale’s portfolio. In a recent report, it shows that Grayscale now has over 3 million ETH in its asset under management (AUM), amounting to more than $10 billion. This makes the asset manager one of the largest holders of Ethereum in the space.

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The asset manager had gradually increased its ETH holdings over time, adding almost 20,000 ETH to its portfolio back in February. The recent filings show that the New York-based asset manager has increased its crypto holdings since its last report, which has raised the value of the total assets under management from $33 billion to $41.4 billion.

Ethereum Is Not The Only Interest

The fund had started out providing a way for investors to invest in Bitcoin through the stock market. But over the years, Grayscale has added more crypto-assets to its offering to provide investors more exposure to the markets. Grayscale’s crypto management spans across a host of cryptocurrencies. Assets in its care range from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and a host of others.

Grayscale’s Ethereum Trust at almost $10 billion | Source: Grayscale on Twitter

In addition to its $10 billion ETH and $29 billion BTC holdings, Grayscale also holds over $700 million worth of Ethereum Classic and over $300 million worth of Litecoin in its portfolio. The size of its assets under management puts Grayscale as the largest crypto asset manager in the world.

Grayscale had also dived into the DeFi world back in July when it launched a new DeFi fund. The fund was the first of its kind in the firm’s history but would be the second diversified product fund. This fund was based on the Coindex DeFi Index.

Highest Asset Under Management

Although Ethereum makes up a big chunk of the asset manager’s portfolio, bitcoin remains top of the list. Grayscale’s Bitcoin holdings total over 640,000 coins, which puts the total value at almost $30 billion. Constituting the largest part of assets under management in the portfolio. The asset manager’s Ethereum holdings put ETH as the second-highest holding in its portfolio, following behind bitcoin.

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The trust has also benefitted from the current bull rally that has rocked the market. The price of Ethereum has grown tremendously in just the past three weeks along. Seeing the price of the digital asset come to rest firmly above $3,000, a price point it had not been able to break following the crash from the all-time high of the asset.

The price of Ethereum at the time of this writing is trading above $3,200, with a 0.71% 24-hour price change.

ETH price sitting above $3,200 | Source: ETHUSD on

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