Shiba Inu Coin is now live on the eToro trading platform


I’m sure you people will hear this fantastic news more than gladly. eToro has finally listed Shiba Inu on their platform. Another milestone for Shiba Inu has come through, after Binance and Coinbase Pro the token is officially listed on the eToro trading platform.

According to eToro,

“We’re offering Shiba in units of one million, allowing the asset price to be clearly presented on eToro in a two-decimal format”.

The successful CEO previously mentioned in his lecture the famous Shiba Inu cryptocurrency, which is comparable to Dogecoin. The successful businesswoman told Assia about her ambitions to add SHIBA to the list: “Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future entries in eToro. But I must point out that the Shiba Inu is accompanied by an enthusiastic community.”


The eToro investment platform added bitcoin assets extremely fast. Everyone was desperately waiting for the Shiba Inu turn to incorporate Shiba Inu’s name when eToro is added. For example, eToro stated in recent days that cryptocurrencies Maker and Enjin have been added to its platform and have caused harm to SHIB investors. They explicitly said (eToro), and we’re working on, that Shiba Inu’s case is on our list.


In principle, Shiba Inu is a decentralized system that may be utilized worldwide over the Internet to transmit and receive money. Shiba Inu was developed and operated as an ERC20 token on the Ethereum network.

It was developed by a person or group of individuals under the alias RYOSHI and published in August 2020 to the public. The project is supervised by its community because of its strong de-centralization. But it’s establishing its position today gradually. After all, this is a big day for Shiba Army and major investors, the coin is now available on the eToro trading platform.

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