Cardano founder IOHK joins forces with EBU to make education in Africa more accessible


THE driving force behind Bitcoin rival Cardano, Input-Output HK (IOHK ), has recently announced a partnership with the European Business University of Luxembourg (EBU) to make education more accessible to people living in developing countries.

The EBU is a renowned educational provider and non-profit organisation that offers higher education and certificate programmes.

The new partnership will be sponsored by IOHK’s director of education, Lars Brünjes. Brünjes will work closely with EBU directors Alexis Hague and Dr James Mulli.

The collaboration is expected to provide many African students with access to educational material for free. The aim is to empower people in developing countries to learn new developer skills and become self-sufficient.

Cardano has made headlines recently and got the crypto world talking after the dollar value of its native token reached a high of nearly $3. It is expected to rival Bitcoin and has been dubbed as the potential “Ethereum-killer”.

These programmes have been developed to meet the increasing demand for Haskell programmers and enable students to work on decentralised finance solutions, application programming, tokenisation projects, and smart contract development.

The EBU will include Haskell in their curriculum and offer courses in Plutus and Haskell to students who are enrolled in the EBU’s certificate programme at no tuition cost to the student, but with a €10 commitment fee.

Students who join the EBU Ambassador programme will be incentivised to grow the courses using an “earn as you learn” stipend for bringing new students on board.

Those interested in signing up for the training programmes ahead of the start of the EBU’s new term on September 27 can visit the EBU scholarship website to register and enrol. Participants will receive a coupon code to use for enrolment.


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