Mark Cuban Pushes For Dogecoin Payments With New Incentives


Dogecoin payments remain a major part of the Dallas Mavericks’ payment option. The professional basketball team owned by Mark Cuban had begun accepting Dogecoin payments in March. Making them the first NBA team to start accepting Doge payments. Cuban had later said that Doge payments had seen a 550% increase just after the first month. Adding that the team did not plan to sell any of the Doge it received.

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Get A $25 Gift Card For Paying With Doge

Now, to further promote the use of Dogecoin on their website, Cuban has announced an incentive program. The program is a cash-back program of sorts that rewards fans for purchases on the Dallas Mavericks online store. The promotion is part of the Dogemania promotion that is currently being run by the Mavericks. This promotion is scheduled to run from 13th August to September 20th.

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Participating in Dogemania will see buyers get a $25 gift card for purchases above $150 made on the store. These purchases could range from Dallas Mavericks to tickets for suites and lower-level tickets to their games. One caveat of this was it did not apply to multiple purchases spread over to make $150. To be eligible, fans would have to make a single purchase totaling $150 before taxes and shipping. The gift card would then be mailed within 5 to 7 business days of the purchase.

Only payments which are carried out using Dogecoin are eligible for the $25 gift card. Other modes of payment do not carry this incentive.

Showing Support For Dogecoin

The incentives promotion has been well-received by the Doge community at large. Cuban is praised for being one of the high-profile personalities pushing for real-world applications of the meme coin. Telling CNBC earlier this month that Dogecoin was a strong medium of exchange. Something that “Dogefather” Elon Musk has approved of.

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Following the announcement of the promotion, notable members of the Doge community had come out to show their support. Doge co-founder Billy Markus who had returned to the market after a 7-year hiatus tweeted his support for this.

The unofficial CEO of Doge also took time out to show support for Dogemania. Revealing that he had purchased a basketball for the Mavericks online store using Doge.

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Dogemania is only the beginning of what is sure to be the first of many when it comes to crypto acceptance. Notable companies like Microsoft have also thrown their hat in the ring with crypto. Even accepting bitcoin payments as far back as 2014. Dogecoin festival is set to travel around the world. Where everything related to the festival will be paid for in Doge and other cryptocurrencies.

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