25th Sep 2021: Cardano On The Road To $1.550 For BINANCE:ADAUSDT By Zezu_Zaza


Cardano . A promises, yet stable coin and humble founder.

This is the promising coins after Monero, Solana and XRP. Yet no one will believe this coins when many people fund their money to XRP while in the chaos of struggling on SEC that never ending.

Cardano with the smart contract for a greener blockchain has been announce recently but failed to tackle the situation to bring the trust, hope, promise and momentum to the coin.

Since all the blockchain sharing the same ‘chain’, it is difficult for any crypto under the dominance of 15% to conquer the energy of momentum.

Either Bitcoin crash, and all other crypto also crash due to the same environment system.

In order for one coin to survive the domino effect, they have to create the new system environment of the Blockchain 2.0 OR with other coding of blockchain which unique code system.

That is why all the trader putting their money on Bitcoin because the popularity, the momentum and trust. Either microstrategy or Elon musk traded the bitcoin and not Cardano .


That answer is simple. Leader.

Whoever once control the bitcoin , will control other coins.

Satoshi Nakamoto once in a paper wrote its first journal towards the operation system and thesis for the calculation in the algorithm of the energy currency with the help of system on the AI.

Long time ago when I made a research towards Elon Musk thesis, I found out that he once saying AI is the worst things human ever created. Since I am not relating Satoshi with Elon but the conclusion made me thinking on the other thesis in the system works for altcoins.

Wiping $344 billion off the market in a single 24 hours after panicked buyers sold off their tokens. Meaning some of the institution make their liquidation before the times end.

Every thing that has been created, will has its own time to end. We are survice the second phase of the variant and crashed is a common things to happen in investment industry nowdays.

In my calculation of the century, Cardano once again will visit the key value of $1.550.

Every thing that do not had a base, will visit again the base. It is same like we constructed a house with a proper base founding.

What goes up, will comes down. All the madness and craziness in the rich quick scheme is not there where none of cryptocurrency gone through a major success. A drastic drop is a burden to other cryptocurrency holder.

Many institution has liquidated their fund to enjoy the benefit but a holder has never enjoy their benefit of holding and some of them thinking to holder for a 10 years period but as soon as it gets to withdraw, it find most of it in a major catastrophic scene.

We believe in cryptocurrency is the new system that can develop a very good finding in transparency world of finance.

The top cryptos — bitcoin , ethereum and cardano , binance as well as the emerging Solana — all fell by as much as 12 per cent in this recent wild swings.

We learn something that even a believer holder once a panic attacked will withdraw their funding.

The market capitalisation of the combined world‘s cryptocurrencies dropped by $2.62 trillion, more than 10 per cent

For the time being, Cardano is looking towards its market caps, dominance, bitcoin health and miner environment.

The success of Cardano is dependant. But Bitcoin is otherwise – undependable

As Cardano is believe firm onto the $2.00 value, this will be shaken and will losing its level as it does like other coins.

Evergrande’s is the blame to the crypto after the Microstrategy but we will soon findings many bad news in this Q4 before the end of the 2021.

All the agenda will be revealed one by one.

Zezu Zaza


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