This American Mayor Wants to Give All Household in His City $1,000 in Bitcoin


Coming off as one of the growing numbers of American Mayors with a positive disposition toward Bitcoin (BTC), Jayson Stewart said he has secured enough donations to airdrop $1,000 to every household in Cool Valley, Missouri. The project, designed to help alleviate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic was initially billed to issue $500 to every home in the small town with about 1,500 residents. However, the publicity made by Mayor Stewart drew in funding from every part of the country.


Stewart’s undying trust in the revolutionary capabilities of Bitcoin is well known, noting in an interview with Bitcoin Magazine that the premier digital currency has “given me a new way of thinking about humanity in the future.”

“It’s given me a hope, and an optimism that we can overcome some of the worst parts of the system that we’re born into, and actually create a future exactly how we want it to be. There’s a certain level of hope and optimism that I get from Bitcoin,” he added.

Preparing Each Household to Maximize the Bitcoin Gift

Despite the fact that Bitcoin is now featured on the front pages of major media publications even in the United States, the majority do not still have the right understanding about the digital currency. Prior to the issuance of the Bitcoin cash gifts, Mayor Stewart says the educational forums will be organized for prospective recipients so they can start handling the crypto right from the outset.

“We’re going to get people storing their own Bitcoin as quickly as possible,” the mayor said. With the cash paid in Bitcoin, Stewart will also afford residents who choose to HODL to gain more from their bags as the cryptocurrency has the tendency to grow in valuation over time.

In addition to this Bitcoin initiative, Stewart also reiterated his desire to attract other Bitcoin relatives firms and investments to Cool Valley. In the interview, the Mayor outlined how his program takes its deep root from the American culture of freedom.

“Bitcoin is fundamentally American. It is the most American thing. Our government is built on freedom and personal liberty, and rights and self-sovereignty, and all of the things that Bitcoin really is. I think it’s a natural marriage that Bitcoin in America will thrive,” he said.


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