Cardano Gets More Than $24.96 Million For The Selling 10 Million Tokens – Own Snap


Just recently, it was announced that someone obtained more than 10 million of ADA crypto for the total price of $24.96 million. Additionally, Cardana is jumping by 7.7% right now. Taurus, the company which is engaged in managing the blockchain infrastructure and digital assets has successfully completed the integration of the blockchain with Cardano. It means that now, all capabilities of the Cardano are available on the Taurus institutional platform. CEO of the Cardano Foundation, Frederik Gregaardsaid that it is very important for them to decrease the level of the decentralized risks for the regulators and for other intuitional organizations.
Cardano Successfully Applies Alonzo Hard Fork; Adds Smart Contract Capabilities to Its Blockchain – Bitcoin NewsBy that, Frederik Gregaard implied that it is a great advantage for them to operate with institutional companies such as Taurus for the integration of their blockchain. They are aiming to build the way for everyone, who is going to join the crypto in blockchain travel. On the other hand, co-founder of Taurus, JP Aumasson said that they are so satisfied to contribute to the expansion of the Cardano.

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