Baby Doge Inu’s Game starts Beta Testing as his dad, Shiba Inu takes over as the 12th Largest Cryptocurrency


Baby Doge Inu game goes into beta testing as his dad, Shiba Inu takes over as the 12th largest crypto. The Greed Ecosystem supporting his pup awaits its launch on Cardano as soon as it goes live.

/EIN News/ — Miami, FL, Oct. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Baby Doge Inu game just went into beta testing as the Greed Ecosystem gets ready to launch on the Cardano blockchain. Baby Doge Inu is the Crypto Love Child of DOGE & SHIBA INU and lately his dad, SHIBA INU has been the biggest talk in crypto in anticipation of a Robinhood listing. The SHIB Army has been in full force and has successfully pushed their token to being the 12th biggest crypto as stated by Baby Doge Inu has moved on from his parents, DOGE & SHIB to be Greed’s pup.

Baby Doge Inu’s Game starts Beta Testing as his dad, Shiba Inu takes over as the 12th Largest Cryptocurrency

The Crypto based game has Bitcoin, Ethereum and BNB chasing Baby Doge inu though different cities and landscapes where all the Greed NFTs are showcased. You will start with your basic car and character, but you can upgrade by purchasing the collectible NFT car and character upgrades that you can use in the game by holding them in your wallet. The game will also be generating revenue to help Baby Doge Inu by selling advertising space. Along with the traditional NFT’s there will be music NFT’s by some of Greed Music’s recording artists. Greed Music is run by the Grammy Award winning producers and songwriters, Cool & Dre.

$Greed is one of the most highly anticipated crypto launches of 2021 and bringing a lot of additional excitement to the Cardano blockchain as one of it’s first smart contracts to launch after successful completion of the Alonzo Hard Fork. As soon as $Greed starts trading there will be another immediate benefit for $BabyDogeInu because 1% of ever buy and sell from $Greed goes into a buyback of $BabyDogeInu. Analytics Insight states that ADA coins and the platform change their features based on scientific reviews. Their constant updates make it the best digital token that suits the optimal crypto ecosystem.

Besides, ADA coin transactions are fast and take minimum time. The platform can take up to 250+ transactions per second compared to ethereum’s 15. Other than gaining active income, Cardano investors can also get their hands on passive income through staking their ADA coins. Everyone can become a node validator on Cardano, making the network even more decentralized and independent. Cardano is also eco-friendly as it doesn’t rely on mining and refrains from consuming extreme electricity. Although $BabyDogeInu is a BSC Blockchain token that trades on PancakeSwap the rest of the ecosystem, $Greed, will be on the Cardano Block chain.

Anyone interested in joining the game beta testing should go to the telegram or discord channel through the website and ask the game dev to include you in the test.

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