Prominent Crypto Analyst Explains Why ‘Newcomers Always Go for $ADA’


On Saturday (October 9), popular macro-economist and crypto analyst Alex Krüger explained one of the main reasons for the popularity of Cardano’s native token $ADA with new retail investors entering the crypto market.

Krüger tweeted:

And when a commentor wondered about the reason for this phenomenon, Krüger replied that he believed Cardano’s huge popularity with newcomers was due to the YouTube channel of Charles Hoskinson, Co-Founder and CEO of IOHK (aka IOG), Cardano’s R&D company:

There is no denying that it is hard to think of the head of any other projects in the crypto space that are as passionate or energetic as Hoskinson, who provides regular updates on his YouTube channel. For example, here is an “Ask Me Anything” session from September 19:

On September 29, a few days after the two-day Cardano Summit 2021 ended, Hoskinson announced a well-deserved two-week break from social media:

Also, earlier today, Sebastien Guillemot, CTO at dcSpark, as well as former Co-VP of Eng. & Cardano PM at EMURGO, said that many companies are getting in touch to express interest in using his company’s novel sidechain project (named “Milkomeda”), which will allow EVM-compatible smart contracts to be executed from the Cardano mainnet.

On Friday (October 8), the IOHK’s dev team published their latest weekly status report.

Here are a few hightlights:

  • The Daedalus team released “Daedalus testnet v.4.3.2”
  • The Adrestia team is “working on designing a new GraphQL component to support Lightwallets”
  • The DEVOPS team “worked on the preparation for the October maintenance upgrade”

According to data by TradingView, currently (i.e. as of 11:30 UTC on October 9), on crypto exchange Kraken, $ADA is trading around $2.2804.


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