Insights From September’s 2021 Cardano Summit


Last month in Wyoming, the Cardano Foundation held a summit filled with lots of great projects to look forward to in the future. The platform is working on elevating crypto and NFTs by teaming up with esports platform Rival, and they are also teaming up with Veritree, providing blueprints and plans to restore the climate in a positive way by vowing to plant 1 million trees.

Let’s take a look at some of the exciting news and insights from the 2021 Cardano Summit.


The Dawn Of A New Era: 2021 Cardano Summit

The Cardano Foundation has been shaking up the headlines for quite some time within this last year, as they became the 3rd largest growing cryptocurrency in the world. Dubbed the “Ethereum killer,” Cardano announced new partnerships that will hopefully drive the adaption and utilization of the Cardano blockchain. 


Frederik Gregaard, CEOof the Cardano Foundation, stated that “at Cardano our goal is to provide those at the cusp of societal and technological change with the tools they need to create new possibilities and drive positive impact. Strategically, the partnerships announced today serve to create the foundational structures Cardano needs to prosper from both an enterprise and technical perspective. Our new ecosystem partners cover a range of challenges and opportunities at the forefront of global society today, including climate change, NFTs, decentralized finance (DeFi), and digital identity, and they will play a pivotal role in helping us realize our vision.”

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   Some of the awesome new partnerships announced during the summit was a deal with Esports platform Rival, who is contracted with the NBA, NFL, and EPL Pro teams. Cardano is also partnering with Veritree, a restoration focused technology company that utilizes the blockchain to provide assistance for eco friendly organizations, specializing in tree planting and various eco-first projects. They also mentioned the team-up with financial technology venture studio and fund of the union bank in the Philippines URB, and multi award winning technology company powerhouse AID-TECH.

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Frederik Gregaard, CEO of the Cardano Foundation, concluded, “In recent months, we’ve reached huge milestones, most notably, the launch of smart contract capabilities on Cardano and successfully minting Cardano’s first Non-Fungible Tokens of Appreciation (NFTA to celebrate the launch of our Developer Portal). These partnerships mark the next phase in our development as we now seek to rapidly drive usage of our blockchain and contribute to the creation of a better economy.”  

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Our team at Bitcoinist spoke with an attendee of the Summit, who expressed excitement for the future to come, and how this news can shake things up for Cardano. Stay tuned here at Bitcoinist as more developments come to life from this emerging blockchain.

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