CoinBase App Jumps to Second On Apple Store Following Super Bowl Ad


Crypto exchange Coinbase has hit a jackpot. Its creative advertisement depicting a bouncing DVD meme has become an internet sensation. Its unique step to connect with the people was such a huge hit that it jumped to 2nd position on the apple playstore in the U.S.

The crypto exchange released a 60-second commerce during the Super Bowl LVI. The advertisement drove so much traffic to the Coinbase that its website went down. However, Coinbase services were up and running again.

Surojit Chatterjee, Coinbase CPO, took to twitter to announce that they are back and ready for the free $15 Bitcoin drop.

Coinbase’s advertisement depicting classic DVD meme featured a QR code bouncing from wall to wall like a retro screensaver.

As per reports, the ad featured while the Super Bowl event was product-centric, not coin-centric. Crypto-exchange’s this move has helped Coinbase to march past other apps as it was positioned at 2nd on the US App Store.

coinbase chart
Coinbase app jumps to 2 position on the App Store in the US after the Super Bowl Ad.

When curious viewers scanned the code to activate it, OR took them to an exchange’s page which offered them a free $15 Bitcoin if they set up an account. However, the late joiners weren’t able to land on the offer page as the website went down due to heavy traffic.

The Company’s campaign “Less talk, more Bitcoin,” comes with a limited giveaway. With the free $15 Bitcoin to the new sign-up, Coinbase also offered a $3 million giveaway that users can enter.

This year’s Super Bowl was huge hit for the Cryptocurrency industry that commercials of exchanges like FTX and were also aired. Billionaire investor Mark Cuban praised Coinbase’s QR adv. He tweeted,

It is being reported that Coinbase’s 60-second ad could have cost them around $14 million. CNN has reported that a 30-second spot during the Super Bowl event was speculated to be priced at $7 million in the region.


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