Cardano to Surpass XRP Position ! ADA Price To $2 in Q1, Here’s Why?


The global cryptocurrency market is back in talks with its now seventh largest crypto asset Cardano. Which has now held a firm position in the glitter of the business. The developmentally stout protocol this time around has been making buzz with its escalating metrics, initiatives, amongst others.

Successively, the on-chain metrics have yet again fueled Cardano’s run against market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum, by a greater margin. Amongst a number of initiatives, Cardano foundation launches a bounty program for white hat hackers. Which has been garnering talks over the network’s already committed developments.

Will Cardano’s Sack Of Virtues Help The Price Rebound?

The Cardano network has had its second straight feat of highest transaction volume and adjusted transaction volume in the last 24 hours. While Bitcoin stood second, Ethereum stood third. Learning from substantial sources, while the transaction volume is at $35.14 B, the adjusted transaction volume is at $33.74 B. The time frame for both the metrics is 24-hours.

Successively, in comparison Bitcoin in the same time frame has its transaction volumes at $33.66 B, and adjusted transaction volumes at $17.18 B. Whereas, the second-largest crypto asset Ethereum has recorded transaction volumes for 24-hours at $7.52 B, and adjusted transaction volumes at $5.94 B. The recurring feat by Cardano has enticed the community.

Consequently, the fees charged by the Cardano network is mere $49,937.49, in comparison to Bitcoin’s $0.48 M, and Ethereum’s $18.57 M. According to substantial sources, a conciliation of data from 1000s of public Github repositories, suggests that. The total developmental activity in 2021 has surpassed that of Ethereum, Solana, amongst others by a greater margin. On the other hand, 200+ MILLION ADA has been moved to single pool operators in less than 24hours.

In contrast, Cardano foundation with Hackerone has announced its bug bounty program. The firm has brought to notice that the bounty will be doubled during the phase starting from February 14th – March 25th. Moreover, Veritree is hosting the 100,000 tokens, which has commenced on the 15th of February at 5pm UTC.

Summing up, Cardano’s flourishing metrics have fueled the much needed optimism in the community. Which was a dire need amidst the sluggish price action of its digital asset ADA. That said, Cardano’s long term vision will eventually impel the price of ADA beyond the sub $1 barrier in the near future.

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