This is Exactly Why Cardano (ADA) Gets the FUD it Does


Cardano (ADA) is a well-developed product, but despite it is gaining widespread criticism and loyal holders too. Several investors are not able to understand what differentiates one blockchain from the other.  There is a lot of technology and coding behind what we call by a simple token name.  An entire cryptocurrency ecosystem gets established. Cardano is unique in that it is more academic and very serious when it comes to documentation. This is one of the reasons for why ADA did not see any lunatic price hikes.

Edn Altcoins expressed:  To Dominate The Market As A Leading Layer 1 Blockchain – Kraken Report”

Key Takeaways:  – The verdict is based on Cardano’s value-driven approach to development. Massive network growth and plans around scalability will also play a key role.

For the FUDsters: “Cardano has also continued to deliver on its promised roadmap although sometimes with significant delays. However, when they bring their products to market, the Cardano blockchain has always lived up to expectations.

Man, I can only imagine how this year feels for an OG ADA investor. I’m thrilled and I got in July last year (new to crypto), and I’m even at a loss right now. I see immense value, the shores have receded, the tidal wave is coming.

Been hodling strong since 2018. Never wavered.

Further, Charles Hoskinson (@IOHK_Charles) November 28, 2021, “And they are terrified because there doesn’t need to be some magical Cardano 2 to survive. It’s a future proof design and we are systematically building towards it together with the strongest and most engaged community brick by brick.”

Community Response:  This is exactly why Cardano get the FUD it does. They’re scared.

Trying to figure out what the catalyst is for $ADA price appreciation.  Have already figured out that transactions have no immediate effect.  Is it TVL over time?

A lot of work is happening in Cardano.  Particularly with Defi.  There are several DeFi platforms lining up. NFTs, gaming and metaverse as smart approaches to onboarding users to the platform is also in the rise. However, they seem to move slowly; however, they are deliberate about the way they move.

Criticisms against ADA are blown beyond propositions because many of them attribute everything about Cardano to Charles Hoskinson. Part of the hatred is because it is hailed by many to be strong enough to flip Ethereum.

Waiting to see if Cardano will be like the Chinese Bamboo tree.

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