ADADAO to hold public sale on on 17th Feb


Many seasoned crypto analysts have been taken aback by the recent influx of innovative projects to the Cardano space. However, despite the ecosystem’s vibrancy, one of the factors limiting mass adoption has always been an absence of a reputable, accessible, and volatility-free Stablecoin.

That’s why Cardence is enormously proud to host the public sale of ADADAO ($ADAO), the world’s first interest-free Stablecoin protocol, which leverages native Cardano assets for the creation of fully collateralized Stablecoins. ADADAO is currently the only Stablecoin project based on interest-free borrowing and is expected to become an integral part of the future Cardano ecosystem.

$ADAO is the Protocol’s governance token, which allows holders to vote on important changes, such as adding a new collateral asset type with a unique set of risk parameters, choosing the set of Oracle feeds, triggering an emergency shutdown, upgrading the system, or making valuable suggestions on how to improve the project. $ADAO can also be staked to earn rewards.

ADADAO also offers non-custodial vaults, with every $AUSD fully backed by on-chain collateral, and has taken every precaution to ensure the integrity of its solution. ADADAO Protocol combines good governance with careful protocol design (the Liquidation Ratio, Debt Ceilings, Governance Security Module, Oracle Security Module, Emergency Shutdown, and so on) to ensure top-notch security and mitigate malicious exploits.


Starts on 17th February 2022 at 5:00 pm UTC

Sale type — Guaranteed Allocation

Vesting- 20% unlock at TGE and 20% Linear monthly unlock for next 4 months

Participation details:

Those who have staked at least 4k $CRDN are eligible to participate in this public sale. Your allocation depends on number of CRDN token staked and period of the stake. Larger the token and days of staking better the allocation.

Note: Those who are participating in the public round will need to insert their Cardano wallet address. Please keep your Cardano wallet addresses ready if you are willing to participate.

Payment Option: BUSD/USDT


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Cardence is a chain agnostic incubator and launchpad of top tier blockchain projects in the Game-fi, NFTs, Metaverse and Cardano ecosystem.

Backed by top VCs in space and partnered with mlabs and chainlink.

Cardence is listed on exchanges like MEXC, BITMART, BITRUE and more.

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