World Mobile and COTI Partnership


We are proud to announce our partnership with COTI. Our mission is to connect everyone, everywhere with core values of economic freedom, dignity and accessibility for all. Our mobile network will process all of its transactions in the settlement layer on the Cardano blockchain, and also in the World Mobile Chain, a Cardano side-chain.

COTI has created ADA Pay, which allows merchants to accept ADA for their goods and services. COTI also created the DJED stablecoin, the first algorithmic stablecoin on the Cardano blockchain.

With this partnership, ADA Pay will be offered for retailers and merchants, and enable its users to pay with ADA, starting in Africa and expanding to all undeveloped areas.

We will be commencing our network rollout in East Africa and aim to bring millions online over the coming years. There are obvious synergies between our two companies. Both are major participants in the Cardano ecosystem and have shared values of bringing the cutting edge of technology to those who need it the most, including the unconnected.

ADA Pay will be offered for African retailers and merchants connected to the World Mobile network. ADA Pay is already being integrated with various African NGOs and charities, and so far it has processed nearly 100K ADA in donations. We are delighted to work with COTI to offer solutions for developing regions in Africa and beyond. In conjunction with COTI we are also working on ways to integrate DJED into the World Mobile Ecosystem.

Charles Barnett, Co-founder and Chief Business Officer of World Mobile said:

“We are proud to announce our partnership with COTI. The collaboration between our projects will lead to a better connected and tech-savvy Africa, with crypto mass adoption at the forefront. The solution works, and World Mobile is proud to be able to partner with COTI to bring ADA Pay to the rest of Africa, and the world.”

Yair Testa, Head of Business Development at COTI said:

“We are happy to be partnering with World Mobile for such a good cause. We believe that this partnership will start with the integration of ADA Pay and has the potential to expand to the integration of Djed and $COTI. We are eager to watch the partnership grow”

Isaac Tan is a Consultant at World Mobile with substantial experience in the Crypto Markets. He has a background in equities and later in crypto. He has provided analysis, advice and support to ultra high net worth investors, stockbrokers and financial services professionals. Isaac has a deep understanding of digital assets, decentralised finance and blockchain technology.

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