FBI would not Bother to Seize Cardano (ADA)


Mike Alfred Shared: BREAKING: The head of the FBI’s new cryptocurrency unit says the agency won’t even bother seizing Cardano from criminals since it’s going to zero on its own.

Community Response:  Cardano was a top “Ethereum killer” in 2021 thanks in no small part to its Goguen update. The upgrade will ultimately allow for the integration of smart contracts and is a huge step forward for Cardano in 2022.

All good cause I already 100X’ed on $ADA. Honestly don’t get these jokes.

Well, what he meant was “Cardano’s price has been dropping steadily, and their tech is rumored to be weak, so it may not be heading in a positive direction.  So, if criminals had it, they wouldn’t need to take it from them because, as stated, the outlook may not be great, and thus.”

Bitcoin’s tech is like a fax machine compared to Cardano’s internet. I’m not saying Cardano is broadband but at least the tech isn’t ancient.

Can’t reason with delusional people. As I say, it 100xed and will continue to thrive in the Top 10. Sour grapes for having missed it I guess. A handful of CH haters led a fair number of people astray and have then convinced that the entire market is wrong and they’re right.

Let’s not act like what pumps in the short term is what’s right though, what matters if they can compete in the future. I 100xed as well, all I know is I see other ecosystems flourishing so much more.

If we don’t stay or work to stay decentralized then I don’t see us moving much farther from where we are at. The Sundae card starts nonsense is hopefully a wake-up call to all. If those are the projects they advocate – what we give away are a good name too. It will be just a sideways movement.

The amount of fear in this statement of superior technology. ADA, I don’t go around bashing other coins, but for someone to go out of their way.  Stay in fear.  Cardano ecosystem still growing.

ADA is a multi-level marketing scheme. Influencers get paid to gain stakes. It’s not new or evolving technologically, you still will have the same 100-500 TPS, which is atrocious.

The only atrocious thing here is using TPS as a metric to compare throughput. A 10k NFT project on Cardano minted and sent to all receiving addresses in like 10 Tx. Would take thousands of Tx to pull this off on other chains.

The Head of the FBI cryptocurrency unit said it’s so easy to track a Bitcoin transaction from 3 years ago, because it’s still pending.

Tell me you never use Bitcoin without telling me you never use Bitcoin.

To translate in English “I’m scared out of my wits that Cardano is going to overtake my BTC investment so let me try and FUD it to delay the inevitable”. Cardano ADA is running at 7tps TODAY.

For those who can’t read roadmap security, staking, SC, etc were done first. TPS was (and should not be) not the first thing to focus on. We have only just now entered the BASHO (scaling) phase. Who cares if AWS can do more TPS than another blockchain.

And the funny choice of words “adoption” as Cardano is pushing more tx volume on the chain than BTC or ETH and growing rapidly in actual use.  And most haters are just sour about price. I stand by what I said.

No tps usage = No Cardano adoption. (NB: You immediately moved to an ad-hominem comment of “haters”. Some readers may notice that this technique is used to attack a messenger when their message can’t be refuted.)

I’m sure neither of us will change each other’s mind by a statement but I’m curious please on one thing. How do adoption and tps equal the same thing for you?  I’m genuinely curious/ not seeing the connection.

Something unused is just a Pet Rock. It must have Utility. A currency hoarded, without usage volume is only a Pet Rock.

Thanks! I can see that argument of requiring use for value, tho BTCmaxis may argue about that. What is your favorite chain? Guessing not btc based on your argument of use vs holding?

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