Investing Right Now? Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), and Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Will Catapult You into the Crypto-Universe.


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You’re on the correct track if you’re thinking of investing today. The market’s remarkable surge in cryptocurrency has resulted in all-positive expectations. 2022 is the year of the crypto-boom, and acting quickly on investment might earn you a hefty passive income.  

The Seesaw Protocol (SSW) Revolution

As previously said, the crypto-market is now as bullish as ever, and with only a few days left to sign up for the first Seesaw Protocol presale, crypto-traders around the world are ecstatic and earning passively.

There’s a lot to look forward to, since SSW will have two more presale slots available, there’s still time to start earning! however, remember that the sooner you start, the better.

Why? Early investors get the best deal and profit from SSW’s popularity; SSW is up more than 1000% since the presale started and if these are the numbers of the first month, imagine what the future will bring! Based on its present performance, some analysts project that by the end of the presale, it may be up to 6-7500 percent.

Furthermore, Seesaw Protocol has a fantastic reward scheme that allows all of its holders to earn a piece of every transaction fee (set at 3%) from this completely decentralised and Multi-Chain Decentralized Finance (DeFi) network. SSW employs a DeFi technology that keeps your digital wallet’s fees to a bare minimum and allows you to transfer and buy in a matter of seconds through internet connection and smart devices. A true Crypto-Revolution

Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) and the Meme Coin Swing

The reality of meme coins is that they swing because unlike utility coins (such as Seesaw Protocol), meme coins are more subject to what happens outside the market (social media for example). This means that a sure trajectory can never be outlined. Thankfully, the worst appears to have passed with the collapse of meme currencies in November 2021 (together with crypto-giants crashes like Bitcoin). A new era of hope and growth has begun, which implies that investing in meme currencies may no longer be as dangerous as it once was. We can deduce that there is a positive trend as the markets communicate information and analysists predict a good year. This week’s news is that SHIB is up 45 percent, while DOGE is down marginally. Shiba Inu and Dogecoin are both looking forward to returning to their all-time highs. Dogecoin reached its pinnacle in the early months of 2021, thanks in large part to Elon Musk, and big social media platforms. Shiba Inu rose to prominence in October 2021, when it reached a market valuation of $41 billion (now $16.9 billion) and a price of $0.00008 (currently $0.00003085), thanks to its real-world application ShibaLands in Metaverse NFT (rare for a meme coin). As the number of meme coins grows, so does the position and sentiment of crypto-investors toward them.

Today, the general market sentiment is positive – don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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