Rhodium Coin, Your Store of Value


The goal of the Blockchain Revolutionaries community is to spread awareness and knowledge for crypto and blockchain technology to the world. Blockchain Revolutionaries plan on utilizing all avenues available to us such as social media, articles, videos, and in person events. The project will cover the basics of creating a CEX account, setting up wallets, how blockchain technology works, and the use of DApps. In the process of bring new hands into the market for the good of the masses, the market as a whole will benefit as well. Meaning your investment should be positively impacted.

ChainRev is a token built on Cardano by Blockchain Revolutionaries. The goal of ChainRev is to be the most valuable educational asset to the world of crypto. ChainRev stake pools will be set up to allow the community rewards and the opportunity to vote on future plans.

According to the United Nations, the Earth’s population will be 9.8 billion in the year 2050. This number is the reason for the total supply of ChainRev, as the project aims to bring social and financial freedom to all of humanity.

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