Will You Make More Money From Cardano or EverGrow Coin in 2022?



The question of whether Cardano is a better investment option or EverGrow will remain crucial

It’s easy to forget that crypto tokens are run by real people. The layers of technology – not to mention the cartoon images and obscure references – can often hide developers from view. Bitcoin was the first crypto that set a precedent by launching under an anonymous figure called ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’.

But not all crypto tokens are so shady. Many of them have top finance professionals or computer engineers at the helm. This is the case with Cardano and EverGrow Coin.

While Cardano pays homage to an academic heritage, EverGrow Coin comes with a professional investment appeal. In this article, we’ll look at which crypto has the potential to make you more money in 2022.

Cardano – a peer-reviewed crypto

Cardano describes itself as a blockchain-based on ‘peer-reviewed research’ that aims to bring its technologies to the wider world. Cardano was founded in 2015 by a co-founder of Ethereum – Charles Hoskinson – following a split over the latter’s direction. Hoskinson wanted to accept venture capital and create a for-profit entity.

Cardano is today the biggest proof-of-stake blockchain, which is far more energy-efficient than Ethereum or Bitcoin. It takes its name from Italian polymath Gerolamo Cardano, while its ADA is named after British mathematician Ada Lovelace. The project brings a strong academic discipline by peer-reviewing all proposed updates to the network.

The serious approach of Cardano has seen partnerships with governments in Georgia and Ethiopia, while footwear brand New Balance and top DJs made use of its blockchain. One of the projects in Ethiopia aims to use blockchain technology to prove the origin of coffee and ensure credibility and fairness in the supply chain.

Cardano is currently up 22% in price to $0.9732

EverGrow Coin – the crypto that works like a stock

EverGrow Coin takes a different approach to Cardano, aiming to function like a stock that can generate ‘positive volume’ even during market slumps. Investment advice says you should plan to hold onto the position for at least 2 to 5 years before thinking of selling off. EverGrow Coin aims to achieve this loyalty by distributing rewards and profits to its coin holders, like a dividend.

EverGrow Coin’s core utility is it pays holders in Binance USD – a stablecoin that holds the same value as the US Dollar. In the last five months, the project has paid over $35 million BUSD to investors by taking an 8% tax from each EGC transaction. This ensures a stream of income even when EverGrow Coin is sold. 

EverGrow Coin’s net venture is to launch an NFT marketplace and content subscription platform (Crator) from which all profits will return to investors as rewards. Investment professionals at the project like Sam Kelly have designed EverGrow Coin to strategically burn EGC tokens with profits if prices are falling, or distribute 100% of them as rewards when prices are high.

EverGrow Coin is also reaching into the metaverse this 2022 by partnering with the world’s first VR arcade on the cloud. Profits from The Abstract metaverse will similarly be poured back into EverGrow holders’ pockets.

EverGrow Coin’s price is currently $0.0000004596.

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