Is McDonald’s Teasing The Dogecoin Community With This Tweet?


McDonald’s Corporation MCD teased the Dogecoin DOGE/USD community in a tweet that appears to employ language more typical of the latter.

What Happened: The Golden Arches operator tweeted “wleomce to mcodandl’s” in a post on Saturday — a likely reference to “Welcome to McDonald’s” greeting extended at its restaurants.

The tweet garnered 17,500 likes and attracted the attention of Xbox, the gaming console brand from Microsoft Corporation MSFT.

Xbox generously shared a sign, resplendent with the new spelling of the restaurant chain, on Twitter in response.

Rap musician Snoop Dogg shared an interaction with Greg in response to the McDonald’s tweet. 

Why It Matters: Misspelling a word by shuffling the last two letters has become part of the cryptocurrency community, themed after “HODL.”

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Earlier in February, McDonald’s let out a teaser saying “something’s coming.” At the time Tesla Inc TSLA CEO Elon Musk posted a “sweat droplets” emoji in response — a possible suggestion that he was anxious about the “announcement.”

Musk had said earlier in January that he would eat a happy meal on TV if McDonald’s would accept DOGE. The McDonald’s-Musk exchange on Twitter led to the birth of a new coin, which shot up within hours.

On Saturday, McDonald’s said in a separate tweet that it’s “bairn hrtus form cmonig up wtih tehse rlepies.” This tweet too got attention from crypto twitter.

The burger chain possibly meant that its “brain hurts from coming up with these replies.” 

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