Cardano price nosedives as analysts argue Vasil hard fork is months away


  • Proponents believe the Cardano community won’t see all options and enhancements immediately after the Vasil hard fork. 
  • Cardano blockchain could take weeks and months to complete dApp-related updates. 
  • Analysts predict a decline in Cardano price and set a downside target of $0.68. 

Based on IOHK’s recent report on the Vasil hard fork, the Cardano community could take weeks before decentralized applications on its blockchain receive updates. 

Cardano price prepares for further decline 

The company behind the development of Cardano, IOHK report revealed that the updates for dApps in the Vasil hard fork. The decentralized applications on the Cardano network would wait for months before an update. 

Proponents believe the delay in implementing the hard fork could negatively influence Cardano’s price. Since the Cardano community won’t have access to all options and enhancements associated with the Vasil hard fork right away, it could take months before Cardano-based dApps offer these updates. 

Since the Cardano network is reconsidering the Plutus script’s logic, submitting it to a brand new blockchain. The Vasil hard fork would allow smart contract users to process dApp transactions without delay. 

The sophisticated switch of options in the Cardano blockchain would be changed to brand new, rewriting an enormous quantity of scripts and making a whole new audit. 

Denys Serhiichuk, a crypto analyst and trader, evaluated the Cardano price trend on a more oversized time frame and noted that ADA had been fixed below $0.90. There is a high possibility that the altcoin continues to continue decline. Bears could push ADA lower, to the $0.68 mark. 

FXStreet analysts hold a contrasting view and are bullish on Cardano price. Analysts believe ADA is positioned for a 22% upswing. Analysts believe the range extending from $0.87 to $0.95 remains a good buy for Cardano, and the altcoin could swing high to $1. 


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