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While the last few months in crypto haven’t exactly been easy, there’s good news on the horizon. That’s because many market analysts are saying the bear run is nearly over, they’re predicting a surge real soon as sentiment and confidence return to the crypto space. They think a Bull Market Rally could be imminent, and this is huge news for the industry. The crypto space has been crying out for good news for some time, and now could be the perfect opportunity to shore up your portfolio to set it up for future success. Especially as prices are still at a discount after bear market losses. While nobody is sure how long the bear will carry on for, it certainly hasn’t been as bad as many predicted. And the fundamentals for the future of cryptocurrency are still incredibly strong. It was never an issue with crypto itself, more because with inflation and looming recession in the wider economy, people simply didn’t have extra funds for crypto, or they needed to sell their holdings simply to pay the bills.

While the wider market implications are still an issue, and could still cause problems for crypto, the most savvy investors are deciding now is the time to buy. That’s why deposits are increasing, and some coins are doing well. And remember, the bear market wasn’t as bad as had previously been predicted. Those coins that showed strength then, show even more potential for when we hit a bull run. So analysts think you should strengthen your portfolio with the following cryptos:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo has a ton of potential in the next bull run, and even before it. That’s because it’s still available in pre-sale, so you get to enjoy gains before the main markets even hear about it. And they should be hearing about it soon, because it’s a completely deflationary coin with incredibly strong burn mechanics and an asset-backed store of value.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin might have fallen back quite a lot, but it has consolidated around $20k per coin. People were expecting the market to crash much lower, but that didn’t happen. And when the bull run starts, BTC will be the first port of call for many investors. It’s often the only coin crypto newcomers invest in. And having already shown the ability to reach over $50k per coin, it could go even higher. Some even predict a $1million BTC at some point. This might take a while, but the potential is still there for the biggest name in crypto.

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Dogecoin has had an interesting couple of years. It initially surged off the back of tweets from Elon Musk, but it actually has strong fundamentals in and of itself, regardless of who’s backing it. Famous backers do help, though, and Dogecoin definitely showed the power of having a strong social media presence. This is something other coins are now trying to emulate as they attempt to gain their share of the market. Dogecoin looks good for the next bull run as it’s still seen as the people’s crypto.

Uniglo, Bitcoin and Dogecoin could all be perfectly placed to surge when the next bull run gets started. You should consider them for your portfolio immediately.

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Website:  https://uniglo.io 

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