MATIC, Dogecoin and – European Wrap 29 September


MATIC price has been rangebound between the $0.721 and $1.055 barriers for over three months. Over the last ten days, however, it seems to be hovering around the range low and is showing signs of breaking down.

Supporting MATIC price and its bearish outlook is the $0.721 to $0.598 low volume node gap represented by volume profile. This gap is an imbalance, which will be filled quickly upon the breakdown of the $0.721 level.


Dogecoin price to refill bullish momentum before a 10% rally

Dogecoin price shows a lack of momentum, which has led to consolidation over the last twelve hours with no directional bias. Going forward, there is a high probability that DOGE slides lower to sweep the recently formed equal lows, collect liquidity, and potentially trigger a higher reversal. 



Shiba Inu: It’s more dump than pump as SHIB burning rate drops 88%

Shiba Inu price seems nowhere close to bringing its year-long downtrend to an end. Although the second-largest cryptocurrency rebounded from support at $0.000007150 in June, its uptrend was rejected at $0.00001801 in mid-August.



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