Cardano Prioritizes Human Rights: Company’s Founder And Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson


Cardano (CRYPTO: ADA) and Ether (CRYPTO: ETH) co-founder Charles Hoskinson said Cardano prioritizes human rights by not doing business with countries that violate them.

What Happened: During a Bloomberg interview, Hoskinson said that Cardano is a “big believer in quality human rights” and consequently would not build identity solutions in countries that “have an onerous record of very significant institutional violations.”

He believes that such solutions could be abused by local authorities.

Hoskinson admitted that to manage a company, “you have to balance every deal,” examine a collaboration “at the country level,” and “work your way to the facts and circumstances.”

Even doing all of that, “Things change –- and in some cases, you have to leave, even after you spent years working in a country.”

He added that he had to turn down a collaboration in Central America to stay true to those ideals.

Cardano’s co-founder was referring to his recent activities in Ethiopia, where his development firm IOHK is partnering with the country’s Ministry of Education to provide a universal student ID system.

Those IDs will be linked to the Ministry’s management systems and grant students personalized teaching, allowing for the development of data-driven education policies.

Such technology would also simplify issuing backup copies of documents.

Hoskinson noted that for kindergarten and twelfth-grade students, the system will launch in the fall.

The platform already onboarded around a million people and expects to count five million students among its adopters.

Ultimately, the entrepreneur wants it to encompass an entire national ID system of 110 million people.

Price Action: Cardano (ADA) was trading at $1.49, 4.79% higher over the past 24-hours.

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