Why Bitgert Price Skyrocketing & Cardano Price Tumble



February 25, 2022

Bitgert PriceThe biggest reason for the Bitgert skyrocketing price is the launch of its own zero gas fee blockchain.

The crypto market crashed again this week, where most cryptocurrencies recorded the lowest prices of February so far. Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Cardano, and many other large cryptocurrencies dropped by more than 10% on 24th Feb. But not all cryptocurrencies were affected. While most cryptocurrencies like Cardano had their price tumbling, Bitgert was among the few skyrocketing. Here are reasons why Bitgert price was skyrocketing during a bearish market:



The Bitgert price has been skyrocketing over the last few days non-stop. Even during the recent crypto market crash, where Bitcoin price went below $35k, Bitgert was booming. The biggest reason for the Bitgert skyrocketing price is the launch of its own zero gas fee blockchain. This is a game-changing blockchain that eradicated the problem of expensive gas.

The zero gas fee blockchain is attracting thousands of crypto investors due to the expected price explosion when the mass adoption of the Brise chain starts. The crypto community believes that the Bitgert gasless chain will make Bitgert a multi-billion market cap project. The project has a huge potential to grow the biggest market cap, considering it’s also the fastest chain at 100k TPS. That’s why millions of Bitgert tokens are being bought every day.



The Centcex project is one of the youngest crypto projects doing very well today. The Centcex coin withstood the recent price crash to maintain a stable price. The project has committed to building an unlimited number of blockchain apps for the network. Already, the team has started building the Centcex exchange, which is the first product.

A 100% APY of the revenue generated by the products will go to the staked tokens, which will make Centcex one of the best rewarding projects. This huge passive income from the staking process is what attracts most crypto investors. The launch of the upcoming Centcex exchange is expected to skyrocket the coin price.



The Cardano network has been doing well today, but the price has been tumbling over the last few days. In fact, Cardano is one of the cryptocurrencies that recorded the lowest price of February this week. Though the coin is recovering with the surging market prices, it still has to beat the competition slowing its adoption. There are better crypto projects that are getting faster adoption than Cardano.

Bitgert chain is one of the tough competitors that Cardano needs to beat. It is faster and has a lower gas fee than Cardano. Without working on these two major elements, Cardano will have a difficult time posting skyrocketing prices as its adoption will continue slowing down. So the slowing adoption is one of the reasons why Cardano’s price tumbled.

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