Shiba Inu Whales Accumulate Bitgert Worth $2M USD



April 2, 2022


Bitgert crypto project started attracting whales immediately after it launched 8 months ago.

Bitgert (BRISE) has been of the crypto projects experiencing massive growth in 2022. The coin price has skyrocketed over the past few weeks, and the marketcap also increased by a huge percentage. However, most Bitgert growth has been driven by the huge number of whales joining the coin.

Shiba Inu whales are among the many whales that joined Bitgert and have been accumulating BRISE over the past few weeks. From the data provided by the Bitgert team, the Shiba Inu whales have accumulated $2M USD worth of BRISE. But why is Bitgert attracting these whales? Read more below:



Bitgert crypto project started attracting whales immediately after it launched 8 months ago. The design of the Bitgert project from the start showed a project destined for great success. The project has launched multiple products so far, but the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is the most significant.

The Bitgert blockchain provides users with the lowest gas fee in the industry, which is actually a zero gas fee. The cost of gas at the Bitgert chain is $0.0000000000001, which is the lowest fee in the crypto industry history. But the Shiba Inu whales are accumulating because of the adoption the Bitgert chain will get because of being the fastest chain.

The Bitgert roadmap V2 that is launching soon could be the reason why Shiba Inu whales are accumulating BRISE. The roadmap V2 has exciting products coming up, including multiple Web3 products. Therefore, the huge potential of the Bitgert crypto project is what attracts Shiba Inu and other whales.



The Centcex (CENX) project is working on developing one of the most exciting projects, and that is why we have it on this list. The crypto community says that Centcex might be the be next big thing and could deliver the same performance as Bitgert. Already, many similarities have been drawn between Centcex and Bitgert in terms of fast roadmap delivery.

The Centcex project is working to be one of the biggest ecosystems in terms of products running in the ecosystem. That’s why Centcex is building an unlimited number of products, including dApps for this chain. This is one of the projects that will have hundreds of products, which means one of the largest utility. That’s why crypto investors love Centcex.


Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu whales are not the only ones leaving for the Bitgert coin but also other small investors. There are a number of things making Bitgert attractive to these investors, and one of them is the powerful blockchain with the potential to skyrocket this coin to the top largest cryptocurrencies.

The zero gas fee and the fastest are features with the potential to make Bitgert the most adopted chain in the history of the blockchain. The 100+ new project launching on the Bitgert chain adds to the project hype and utility of the project. These are developments making the Shina Inu whales join and accumulate Bitgert. We are likely to see more developments around the Bitgert blockchain, which will increase the number of Shiba Inu investors joining it.

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